Friday, July 18, 2008

AT 9% - GOING FOR 5%!

Senator Carl Levin wants to revoke the U.S. banking license of the Swiss giant UBS. Why, you ask? Well it seems that, horror of horrors, UBS insists on conforming to SWISS banking laws, concealing funds of depositors from the acquisitive and oh-so-greedy hands of tax mad Democrats in Congress, particularly Senator Carl Levin who believes, as do so many of his brethren in the Democratic Party (and a lot of left leaning RINOs as well) that people who earn large sums of money have absolutely no right to keep their money! After all, there are all those social engineering programs (which never succeed) that require funding. Senator Levin just cannot understand why the EARNER of the wealth is unwilling to squander said wealth on the feckless and non-productive! Senator Levin is a trifling fool!

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