Tuesday, July 08, 2008


(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The strutting popinjays of the U.S. Congress, both male and female, continue to behave as though their excrement reeks of dainty flowers – whilst managing to garner only a single-digit approval rating, with 54% of Americans actively disliking their actions so far. In the history of the U.S. Congress, never has the combined body (Senate and House) been considered by those who employ it as completely useless as is this current iteration. Were Senator Reid and Rep. Pelosi employed in the private sector, given their job performance, they would be unemployed (and justifiably so).

Although the Democratic Party under Howard Dean has performed with less competence and grace than is its usual habit, still the Republicans are unable or unwilling to capitalize on the pitiful performance of their opponents. The American electorate may yet place John McCain in the White House but it will be in spite of the Republican Party’s efforts, not because of them.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama, the most spectacularly unqualified man to seek the presidency since Jimmy Carter (and we all know how THAT worked out for the country) seems to be careening from faux pas to faux pas and the mainstream media seems happy to ignore his incompetence and gaucheries just as easily as they managed to ignore the Iraq-yellowcake-Canada story which unfolded over this past weekend.

However, birth announcements for the unmarried Jamie Lynn Spears and Matthew McConaughey are given center stage.

Nothing to see here folks. Just move along!


Yesterday on HGTV’s House Hunters program, imagine my astonishment when a trailer in Florida sold for over $500,000. And no, the purchasers weren’t named Clinton. Granted it was waterfront property with a boat dock. But come on – I don’t even think it was a double wide!? And then the purchaser actually REMODELED the stupid thing.

Any further evidence of the decline and fall of civilization needed?

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