Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whoopdeedoo! So the National Enquirer apparently “caught” former Senator John Edwards sneaking into and out of a Los Angeles hotel where his purported “mistress” Rielle Hunter was allegedly staying under an assumed name.

Notice the qualifications attached to a lot of that because those caveats are important. This is the typical Clinton machine footprint. What we have here is someone (Edwards) that the Clintons have decided was “disloyal” because he endorsed Barack Hussein Obama rather than Hillary. He is (or was) widely believed to be on Senator Obama’s “short list” of vice presidential candidates, although I find that hard to believe. Surely Senator Obama isn’t THAT stupid – John Edwards would have lost reelection to the Senate after only one term in office had he not opted to be John Kerry’s running mate, and furthermore, he couldn’t even carry the state of North Carolina in the 2004 election.

Nevertheless, in late 2007 the National Enquirer published a story about Rielle “carrying Edwards' love child” (and how florid is THAT language – I mean really). Both Edwards and Rielle denied the story vehemently, Edward affirmed in no uncertain terms his love for his wife Elizabeth, and strangely, another married man (a friend of Edwards) came forward and claimed that the child was HIS.

The National Enquirer is bulldog determination in spades, but would they have continued to pursue this story without some other agenda in mind? Could it be that somehow, in some frighteningly Clintonian fashion the Clintons had ascertained that Senator Obama WAS in fact considering John Edwards as his running mate?

What is most troubling to me is this continued climate of “gotcha” by which candidates are not judged by their proposed agenda, but rather are stalked by those whose primary aim is to put into question − rightly or not − the character of the candidate. And presumably this is all happening under the aegis of two people for whom character matters not at all. Make no mistake, for Bill and Hillary Clinton power is the ONLY agenda. And nothing and nobody can prevail should they impede their path to that goal!

Look, as far as I’m concerned, John Edwards is such a cipher that his fate matters not one whit to me. He’s a phony populist and defines the word “shallow” and “self-serving”. It is, rather, the continuing politics of personal destruction that troubles me greatly. When does it stop? And how do we make it stop sooner rather than later?

For our nation’s benefit, stopping this kind of trash is imperative. I'm also intrigued by the utter silence of the mainstream media on the entire subject - - not surprised, mind you, but nevertheless intrigued!


Anonymous said...

Two Americas? How about two families????

Looks like John Edwards is not the pro-abortion candidate we all think we knew. Stud and married twerp John Edwards didn't have his concubine Rielle Hunter abort their love child!!! Do fear for Rielle Hunter's safety, since Edwards might do anything to protect his shiny-boy reputation. Would have been interesting to see John Edwards tell bold-faced lies as president such as when Edwards denied the rumors about getting Rielle Hunter pregnant last Fall!!! Maybe Love-child-maker Jesse Jackson can help Edwards' family heal. What a cad and a liar John Edwards has exposed himself as!!!

kitty said...

All this while his wife battles cancer -- at a stage that can not be cured -- and in front of their children.

Isn't there an ex-Clinton worker who now works at NE? I figure that's how all these stories crop up.


pianogirl said...

IIRC, the owner of the Enquirer is a "friend" of the Clintons. Somebody has a reason for this story to come out now. While the NE does some questionable work, I would think, given the subject matter (a trial lawyer who channels dead babies), they have dotted all the "I's" and crossed all those "T's" for this story. After looking at the picture of Edwards & the other woman, it is clear that he didn't share any of his hair secrets with her!

Gayle Miller said...

Oh Piano Girl - OUCH! That hair snippet was both cutting (sorry for the pun) and FUNNY AS HELL!

pianogirl said...

Thank you...I do my best!!!

Anonymous said...

You catch a "story" in the National Enquirer about Edwards' love child (which you don't believe? It's not clear.), blame it somehow on the Clintons, and then denounce "gotcha" politics. Either I missed your subtle nuance or you're really crazy. Istanbruce

Gayle Miller said...

Whether I believe the story or not (and I would believe anything of that shallow glory hound Edwards), the politics of personal destruction went into high gear back in the very early 90s with those delightful scum the Clintons and their "consigliere" Carville and hasn't stopped since. This is just another example of the kinds of things that happen to people who in any way cross the Clintons. Edwards is now, if not guilty, totally distracted from anything other than dealing with this story, thus moving him out of the way of Hillary being selected as Obama's running mate and that is something he'd be ultra foolish to do.

Hey, Edwards is lucky. He could have met Vince Foster's fate!