Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay - where do you want to start?

Here's a man who:

1. Had to run for President because his first term as Senator was
almost finished and he already knew he could not be re-elected, no matter how many dead babies he channeled.

2. Couldn't carry his own home state in the 2004 election.

3. Garnered what - 13 delegates - during a very lengthy and expensive presidential primary campaign in 2008?

4. Has a wife who is battling [probably] terminal cancer and 2 little kids at home. I'm not a fan of Elizabeth Edwards but she has been married to the Breck Girl for 30 years and at this stage of life, she certainly deserves his full attention.

5. Not only does Edwards deny that he's having an affair but persuades a 41-year-old married campaign staffer to take the hit - even to the point of having the baby momma move into the same gated community where his own family lives and his wife is OKAY with it?
Yeah, right!

And then we come to the final farcical denouement when he sneaks into the Beverly Hilton to visit his paramour and their infant child at 9-ish and leaves at 2:45 a.m. when he is spotted by 2 National Enquirer reporters and he runs into a service hallway bathroom to hide! Then he calls Security to come rescue him and wants the 2 reporters arrested but Security can't do that because THE REPORTERS ARE REGISTERED GUESTS of the hotel. Could this whole episode be any more stupid? No self-respecting sit com would permit a story line like that.

This hypocritical horndog just coincidentally has joined Rev. Wright, Obama's grandmother, Rezko and heaven knows who else under the Obama bad associations bus (a large but hardly exclusive group) and is no longer under consideration as a vice presidential running mate for Bambi. My question is - why was he or even was he under consideration and what does THAT say about the Obamamessiah's judgment or lack thereof!

And MSM goes merrily on its way, whistling loudly past the graveyard.

Just move along folks. Nothing to see here!

Finally, when NATIONAL ENQUIRER does better research and follow-up
than the New York Times or the L.A. Times or CNN or any of the others, what have we come to as a nation? Dear merciful heavens.

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pianogirl said...

Guess the Silky Pony has had to confess to at least a part of what the National Enquirer had to say. Too bad the alphabets aren't as persistent with dimocrats as they are with Republicans!