Tuesday, July 22, 2008


There is an epidemic in this nation: far too many cities (led by Nanny Bloomberg of New York City) have clearly lost their mind! Now it's Los Angeles which at least is finally displaying itself proudly as the shallow, empty-headed hedonistic sinkhole it has always been!

While some cities have bans on new fast-food establishments, they typically are for aesthetic reasons or to protect local businesses. Ms. Perry's initiative seems to be a rare instance in which a major city brings health issues into restaurant zoning. The fast-food ban would last a year, although Ms. Perry hopes to make it permanent. On Tuesday, a committee will make a recommendation on the measure before sending it on to the full city council for a vote.

And this is somehow helpful because?

This is America, you nitwits! Americans have minds and wills of their own. Acting as though we are clueless twits unable to make rational judgments about the food we eat is about as condescending and insulting as anything I can think of.

When is this nonsense going to end? We are moving into a society where the great guru (Obamamessiash?) will do our thinking for us and direct our lives “for our own good” and perform all decision-making functions of all humans within our borders, whilst we become robotic automatons, no longer required or expected to think cogently.

Is this what the Founders have in mind? Somehow I doubt it!

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