Thursday, July 03, 2008


Only in America would someone like Barack Hussein Obama be taken seriously for even a nanosecond. Eight years in a Midwestern state legislature with no major legislation bearing his name and a minimum of 130 “present” votes to show for it. During his entire U.S. Senate career (a total of 3 years) he has been almost entirely occupied with running for President and has not introduced, co-sponsored or shepherded any legislation of any kind. Hell, when would he have the time? For that matter, for what are the taxpayers of Illinois paying him? What hubris convinced this shallow, empty man that he had the qualifications to serve our nation as Commander in Chief?

Senator Obama has nothing but contempt for most American values and the ordinary American citizen, and this disdain was clearly evidenced in his San Francisco remarks about bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion!

Senator Obama’s attitude toward patriotism is inconsistent at best. I don’t wear a flag pin either. But neither am I running for the job that includes in its description Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States! And since when did “patriotism” become a dirty word anyway? This nation is the most extraordinary place in which to live in all the world. People make unbelievable sacrifices to move here because of that. And how dare that arrogant, snooty wife of his say that this is the first time as an adult that she’s been proud of her country!? Think about Michelle Obama – self centered, arrogant, nasty – and then think about the gracious and dignified gentility of Laura Bush and then ask yourself, which one of these two women represent YOUR values, your morals and your sensibilities!

Barack Obama claims to have worked his way through college and law school. although there is scant evidence that he did so. Michelle Obama complains about repaying college loans (both his and hers). Welcome to the real world! Most of us had or have college loans to repay. At least you are working with an income of around $800,000 per annum. Very few Americans have that kind of earning power or anywhere close to it, so pardon me for not weeping on your behalf!

So let me get this straight: Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama have taken advantage of every blessing this nation has to offer and still, they feel perfectly free to say they aren’t proud to be Americans every single day, with every single breath they take, and they STILL think they are entitled to receive our support for their misplaced aspirations to the highest office in our great nation – an office for which he is wholly unqualified and egregiously incompetent? What’s worse is that there is grave danger that we have enough fatuous and easily buffaloed leftwingnuts in this country to make their wishes come true!



Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the empty suit that is BHO to get into a venue without his teleprompter or the man behind the curtain speaking into his ear.

America will finally figure out just of what he's made....nothing even as substantial as that which you would scrape off your shoe...


Charles said...

Happy Birthday, BTW!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but your first sentence doesn't seem very, um, patriotic. Even a mildly curious reader of american history would notice a few alarming policies and actions taken by us down through the centuries that we shouldn't be exactly proud of. A lot of good ones too, but without people believing that we can and should always strive to do better, to actually implement those lofty words that tear-up the eyes of "true patriots", where would we be? Your constant attacks on Obama would be a little less laughable if you had the sense to ditch the Bush cheerleading. It's over. The man will go down as the worst president in american history. You have the balls to call Obama "egregiously incompetent" but you still defend Bush? Jaw-droppingly ballsy. The man belongs in a dock and hopefully, someday will be. You rail against torture by the Vietnamese but the president of the united states condones it? Torture. Think about it for a nanosecond. Good way to take the moral high ground. Laura Bush, "dignified and gracious gentility"? So's a head of cabbage, so what? Michelle Obama speaks her mind, works hard for her money, and makes her handlers nervous. You bet her values are mine. There's been this transformation going on for awhile called "feminism". Check it out. Women don't have to smile demurely and keep their mouth's shut anymore. You and the rest of the 26%ers should pack up your blogs so conservatives, without the stink of Bush's cabal on them, who actually have intelligent criticisms of the left (me) to say, can be heard. They help me think and refine my arguments. You guys just entertain. IstanBruce

Anonymous said...

Well, without dignifying IstanBruce's comment any further by getting down in the mud with him and hashing out each point, suffice it to say that as an apparently self-loathing and morally relativistic America hater, he's totally incapable of understanding the difference between good and bad.