Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Either people have become considerably more rude or I’m just more aware of it. As an example, at the Metro Center station where I catch the Metro train to my office, there is an ultra wide stairway that is divided into 3 sections. Inevitably when I am heading for the train that brings me to my office, I have difficulty walking DOWN the stairs because hordes of people recently departed from other trains, are pouring UP the entire 3 sections of staircase, heads down, iPods (Lord I hate those things) plugged into their ears and courtesy a foreign concept. It apparently never occurs to them that someone might want to walk down! Yesterday morning I was halfway down the stairs when some yuppie decided the woman ahead of him wasn’t climbing the stairs fast enough and moved out directly in front of me intending to pass her. He very nearly knocked me down and I was sorely tempted to smack him upside the head − but refrained. I don’t have sufficient time left on earth to spend any of it chastising rude people. And I’m not sure I know anyone with sufficient bail money!

On another topic, do women consider what they will be doing on any given day before selecting their outfits? I’m thinking that women well provided for in the booty department ought not be wearing ultra mini skirts, particularly if they ride a lot of upward bound escalators. And who has been spreading the fiction that if you wear your clothing tight enough, you’ll look thinner?

You are sitting at an intersection, 5th car from the signal. The light is red. Do you really think blowing your car’s horn is going to change those 2 circumstances? Or do you just like to annoy people?

You are a tourist visiting Washington, D.C. with your 2 wee children. Surely the quantity and reckless quality of the prevailing traffic must come to your attention. The District sure isn’t Boise! Why then are you allowing your small ones to run around like maniacs on the congested streets (and sidewalks), running the risk of knocking some hapless office worker (like me) out into traffic or, worse yet, darting out into traffic themselves? What I’m saying folks is – try to exercise minimal standards of common sense and enough awareness of your surroundings to ensure your own safety.

Life can be, and often is, a frustrating and stressful experience. But if you are a person who actually is present in your own life, maybe you can reduce your own burden. Just a thought! I’m attempting to form the habit of being more filled with joy and less critical of others – both in life and online. Walking around this town makes it more difficult than one would expect!

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pianogirl said...

Ah, the "joys" of living or working in D.C. I've heard it explained as "Washington...all the efficiency of the South, all the charm of the North!"