Monday, October 06, 2008


During the campaign leading up to the 2006 election, a lot of conservatives noisily made a point of “sitting on their hands” by refusing to vote at all because they wanted to “send a message” to President George W. Bush and the Republican Party that they didn’t like the direction in which the Party was leading the country. As a result, we have been saddled with the execrable Madame Speaker, the vicious harpy Nancy Pelosi! Are you happy folks? Do you think the President got the message? Are you pleased with the financial chaos that has been exacerbated by the rampant cronyism and dishonesty of the Dems in control of the Congress? Barney Frank and Little Chuckie Schumer sure do make us proud of our country, don't they?

Less obvious consequences became very clear last week when Ohio’s Secretary of State, Democrat Jennifer Brunner, elected to office as a result of the same Conservative rebellion, made it a point to allow anyone who wanted to register to vote in Ohio and cast their vote that same day – early – without proof of citizenship or residence in Ohio and with no assurances that these selfsame people (some of whom admitted being bused in from Chicago) weren’t voting somewhere else on 11/4 as well. And of course, the whole thing of having votes cast more than 30 days out from the actual election day is a new wrinkle in the Democrats’ never-ending quest to find new ways to steal elections. So Ohio – how’s it working out for you? Feel like you’re being disenfranchised because the value of your vote is being diluted by all the fraudulent voting going on? And who, pray tell, do you think is responsible? Have you looked in the mirror lately?

In Virginia, Governor Tim Kaine (another Democrat, need I even bother to tell you) announced he was restoring civil rights to 2,500 felons who have been released from prison. Unless he’s cherry-picked his felons, Governor Kaine could end up restoring voting rights to a bunch of skinheads who wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama if their genitals were on fire, but that’s too much good luck to expect, isn’t it?

Here’s the deal – voting is a civil right. It is also a civil responsibility. And I don’t give a flying flip if you’re angry at George W. Bush or even John McCain. Yes, the lesser of two evils is sometimes our only choice and you damned well better make it or this country is doomed to its first ever socialist government, run from behind the scenes by the likes of George Soros or, if that’s possible, someone even worse. It’s that urgent and it’s that important and enough nonsense has spewed from enough mouths and now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road folks. Our nation as our Founding Fathers envisioned it and as our parents delivered it to us is in grave danger of destruction entirely. You can either get off your high horse and go vote for John McCain or you can sit around and piss and moan when you’re wearing a burka! Or worse.


Mr MM said...

I just posted and made a "lesser than 2 evils" comment as well. I take great pride in voting. Thanks for your forcefulness on this topic.

pianogirl said...

BRAVO, Gayle...extremely well written. I can only hope, as well, that those who sat out the 2006 election to teach "somebody" a lesson have learned theirs and will act like grown-ups this time around!

Sissy Willis said...

Great post! Let's hope our whiny fellow Republicans get over their snit and do the adult thing.