Friday, October 17, 2008


I consider the Washington Post to be a completely dishonest newspaper, but some parts of it are more dishonest than others.

And I have no doubt that this “yellow” rag is “in the tank” for Barack Hussein Obama. How else to explain the most recent, utterly fallacious column written by James V. Grimaldi, who tries to insinuate that Cindy McCain is guilty of some sort of ethical violations because Verizon Wireless and AT&T installed portable cell phone towers to provide coverage at McCain's home in Hidden Valley near Sedona, Arizona. Mind you, Michelle Obama, the rabidly peevish spouse of Senator Obama is, according to him, “off the table” – but Cindy McCain apparently is not. Talk about your double standard!

What Mr. Grimaldi could have learned quite easily, had he been a serious journalist instead of a partisan hack, is that the tower work was performed at the request of the Secret Service, something which has been confirmed by spokesmen for the Secret Service who confirm Verizon's statement that the company only put in a temporary cell service facility near the McCain ranch in Arizona at the request of the agency.

According to the Secret Service: "We made a request of Verizon in I believe May that was covered under our contract and they did address our immediate needs," said Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren.

Mr. Grimaldi, not only are you inexcusably biased, you’re lazy as well! A few moments of actual research would have shown that you were having a hissy fit for no reason. Was it worth it to take a "shot" at the Republican presidential candidate when now that you’ve been CAUGHT, it's clear you’ve made an ass of yourself? I suspect it is not the first or last time! I further suspect that you are suffering from that new disease known as MPDS (McCain/Palin Derangement Syndrome).

Bonehead of the week? James V. Grimaldi of Pravda on the Potomac!


pianogirl said...

BRAVO, Gayle! I love the MPDS acronym and shall pretend I'm a dimocrat and steal your intellectual property and claim it as my own, good friend that I am!!!

Gayle Miller said...

Go for it!