Wednesday, October 08, 2008


When I was contemplating the move to Virginia, I made sure that I had copies of all documentation relating to my previous employment and residences back through the past 25 years readily available to provide to prospective employers. Having worked as a headhunter in another career path, I am aware of the requirements for seeking new employment. I was fully prepared to document every aspect of my life back to Day One if necessary (which thankfully it was not).

My question to you is, why isn’t Barack Hussein Obama aware of his obligations in this area? And if he IS aware of his obligations in this area, why is he so leery of providing us with this necessary information? In other words, what does he have to hide? I think it’s a fair question.

The job Senator Obama seeks is arguably the most powerful in the world. The people who will be employing Senator Obama or Senator McCain (that would be you and me) have every right, in fact every obligation, to be certain that the qualifications claimed by both candidates are in every respect verifiably accurate, for not the least of which reasons the fact that whoever wins the November 4th election will have the nuclear codes for the next 4 years and will be privy to all manner of top secret information that we would certainly not want fed (a la Bill Clinton) to those who wish to destroy our nation. If, as some claim, Senator Obama is far from being who he says he is, we need to know that sooner rather than later. If he is precisely who he says he is, we need to know that. If Senator Obama is (as I suspect) completely owned by foreign interests (such as George Soros or others), we have every right to know that and Senator Obama has every responsibility of providing the intelligence to us.

Senator John McCain’s life – warts and all – is an open book, as is (despite the leftwing's feverish pawing through her life in search of scandal) that of Sarah Palin, his Vice Presidential running mate. Every single contribution, down to the smallest, is accounted for on Senator McCain’s campaign website. Senator Barack Obama is refusing to permit examination of contributions in the $200 each range that total over $200 million and which are, to say the least, problematical in nature – many of them coming from foreign interests which is completely illegal.

Throughout Senator Obama’s life, I see evidence that there was a great deal more money available to this man than he has ever been willing to admit. His grandparents sent him to a very exclusive prep school in Hawaii. His first two years of college were spent at Occidental College in the Los Angeles area that is far from cheap. After his first two years of college, this supposedly poor young man traveled to India and Pakistan for the summer. My parents were middle class and I guarantee you that they could not have afforded a trip from Columbus, Ohio to Grand Rapids, Michigan for me – never mind India and Pakistan. Upon his return, Senator Obama attended Columbia University. How? Where did the money come from? After graduating from Columbia, Senator Obama moved to Chicago. Why Chicago? And while we’re on the subject, why are Senator Obama’s college transcripts unavailable? Every prospective employer I have ever dealt with had the right to request that information from me – why not the man running for president?

After 2 years in Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama headed off to Harvard Law School. How did he get admitted? What were his grades in college? Again, as a prospective employer, I have the right to that information. I also have the right to know where he got the money to pay for his tuition, books and living while at Harvard.

Finally, where has the money come from to finance that $1.6 million house in Chicago? Most 46 year old who have mostly been in public service jobs couldn’t even come close to a house costing 30% of that enormously expensive real estate.

For the sake of our safety and security as a nation, I am both worried and angry that nobody is asking the necessary questions and demanding full and complete answers.

Hello?! Is anybody awake out there?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there actually is a 4 month gap between BHussienO's living in Indonesia and his move to Hawaii. Where did he spend those four months? Pakistan and Afghanistan are right there!!! Is it really a stretch of the imagination, given his associations, his radical agenda, his totally unpatriotic habits (as Gayle mentions), his overall slimyness, to think he spent those four months at an Al quieda camp? Why all this mystery and where did all this money come from? Why isn't the slimestream press digging into this? Keep it up girl!!!