Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes indeed, listening to the gloom and doom and outright hysteria being put forth on our radio and television news outlets coupled with the manic proclamations of imminent collapse are sufficient to make an unwary audience revert to absolute panic.

Let’s look at this realistically. First, anyone reading this is sufficiently savvy to know that at least 50-60% of this kerfuffle is artificially created – and probably by such anti-American forces as those represented by the ever-despicable George Soros. The rest is the result of people either (a) surrendering to panic or (b) those people who blindly trot along with the vast ignorant horde. So what should we do?

First, quit paying attention to the hysteria mongers amongst us. Absolutely nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished while in a state of panic. Lots of stupidities certainly have been accomplished, but nothing good! Second, live your life for heaven’s sakes! Read books, listen to good music, go to work daily. The absolute antithesis of panic is normality and we can definitely bolster the atmosphere of normality all by ourselves without government assistance. Besides all the practical and logical reasons for eschewing panic – panic-stricken people just look stupid!

Yes, the value of your 401k has dropped. Guess what? It’ll come back up if you don’t panic. The more calm and reasonability we display in the face of this current and very temporary problem, the better off we will be. And the more frustrated will be anyone who is trying to turn us into a bunch of unreasoning lemmings trotting blindly toward a sea of financial silliness!

Meanwhile, as soon as I decide WHAT, I’m going to trot right out and invest some money in some stocks. Bet if a lot of us did that, the markets would rebound even more quickly!



Pam said...

Good advice! And if I had extra money to invest, I would... :-)

shoprat said...

If I had the money to spare right now I'd be snatching up bargains.