Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The child’s view of the world is almost entirely black and white. To most children, an event is either good or bad, fair or unfair and their perception is simplistic for the most part. And despite the oft repeated canard that children are so “pure” or so “honest” it is my view that children are the ultimate in utterly self-involved thinking and behavior.

So too are liberals. The fact is that there are virtually no filters, nor is there any common sense or judgment involved in many (most) of their foolish and heedless utterances. They feel perfectly free to make the most inappropriate, insulting and outlandish statements (almost always completely unsupported by any form of reality) because they ARE the center of the universe and must be heard!

As an example, today on The View that paragon of useful idiot perception, Joy Behar, proclaimed that none other than Rush Limbaugh is a terrorist! This shows me two things pretty clearly. First of all, Joy Behar is a demented dunderhead who hasn’t got the foggiest notion of what a terrorist really is (Doesn't this dithering twit live in NEW YORK?) – else there is no way she could label Rush Limbaugh as such with a straight face. Secondly, like a child, Ms. Behar sees anyone who doesn’t think the way she does as somehow evil and corrupt. Not different. Not entitled to their own thought processes and opinions. No – if you don’t think precisely the way Joy Behar thinks (heaven forbid), then you are wrong and evil and must be labeled as such, preferably in shrill and emphatic tones. Ah, those tolerant liberals!

This infantile worldview of so many on the Left is both dangerous and obscene. And it occurs to me that the reason that many nations around the world look at us with some degree of contempt is not George W. Bush, but rather the fact that we tolerate and – in some cases – even respect these prattling nimcompoops!

Just a thought.

Heaven help us!

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shoprat said...

Liberals are mostly children inside pretending to be adults. The few that are somewhat more mature picture themselves as teachers in a giant kindergarten.