Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I received an email from my cousin over the weekend. He is joining with his own church (in Ohio) to participate in a nationwide weekend of modified fasting (except those with health concerns) combined with prayer on behalf of the safety and future well being of our nation, asking God to protect us from those who would wish us ill. I think it’s one heck of an idea and intend to participate. At the very least it will give me incentive to keep my hot little hands out of the leftover Halloween candy!

There is another Internet push to rally as many as are willing, asking us to pray for our nation at 9 p.m. ET each day. This is another worthwhile effort and one in which I hope you will participate. The more people besieging heaven on our nation’s behalf between now and the election is a very good thing.

In further news:

“This Sunday, all the parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington will pray the Litany of St. Thomas More, martyr and patron saint of statesmen, politicians and lawyers. We will ask St. Thomas More to intercede so all statesmen and politicians may be courageous and effective in their defense and promotion of the sanctity of human life. We hope Sen. Biden will carefully listen to the Church’s 2,000 years of testimony on abortion and that he will join in the defense and promotion of the sanctity of life.”
Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly, bishop, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington

Bishop Malooly is Senator “Rosary Joe” Biden’s own Bishop! I think of myself as a "constantly striving and frequently failing" Catholic and I think any Catholic who is making a sincere effort feels the same way. I don't think I know everything about my faith and so I am pretty much always moving forward with explorations of it. I find it somewhat perplexing that both Rep. Pelosi and Senator Biden seem to interpret their faith to suit themselves and tend to give the impression than they know more than the Church heirarchy about Church doctrine. Trust me guys, being a second rate politician doesn't impute or imply any kind of deep doctrinal wisdom. It is true that if I were to tell either of you (or Senator Kerry) to "stick with what you know", you'd have little to talk about - but wouldn't that be somewhat peaceful too? I'm just saying.

Our nation needs our prayers more than it usually does! And it needs you to vote next Tuesday.

UPDATE: Note to diabetics - I'd prefer that you not fast. And those of you, like me, who are will-power-deficient, give up something you really really love. I've decided that from Saturday at noon through Tuesday midnight, no coffee or chocolate will pass my lips. That, for me, is an enormous sacrifice!

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