Friday, October 03, 2008


Last night's debate was a total win for Gov. Sarah Palin on a number of levels. First of all, she revealed herself to be an authentic human being in every respect. And any minor fluffs ought to be put down to her being pretty doggone new to this whole national stage - a stage Sen. Joseph Biden has occupied for over 30 years, so what's HIS excuse?

Second, it was apparent that this woman learns FAST and thoroughly. There was no grasping for information - she knew what she knew and wasn't afraid to say it. Nor was she afraid to call Sen. Biden on his misstatements, although I do wish she had addressed his outright lie about Sen. McCain vis-a-vis the subprime mortgage disaster. It was, as we all well know, John McCain who was expressing grave concerns in 2005 about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Since when has Barack Obama made the "mistake" of saying what he really thinks at any time, anywhere? Please!

Finally, Sarah Palin is just such a full on pleasure to listen to and watch in action. And I don't know who did Joe Biden's makeup, but he was so white he could glow in the dark! Between the capped teeth, the Chia Pet hairdo and that white, white, white skin - he was very unpleasant to even watch! And his condescending smirk had me ready to throw a shoe at the TV a couple of times. The only thing that stopped me is that I just bought it a couple months ago!

All in all, if John McCain doesn't go on the attack in regard to his record and Barack Obama's lack thereof and let Sarah Palin loose to be the genuine gemstone she can be, then clearly he has lost the fire in his belly altogether and I honestly do not think that's the case.

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