Friday, July 17, 2009


I am, unhappily reminded of the song from the musical "Evita" which contained that phrase!

With all the travel, the "date nights", the hamburger runs around the District, President Obama has been doing his very best to keep the peasants entertained with irrelevant nonsense, all the while rushing his destructive Left-wing agenda through a compliant Congress, who don't even read the 1,000+ page bills! President Zero must have been delighted that the death of Michael Jackson led to over two weeks of unbridled hysteria in the news media.

Apparently our current President is attempting to destroy America as we know it as completely as possible because he knows, he must know, that he will soon be unmasked as the vapid tool of destruction he really is and the fact that he is beholden to such as George Soros will be his ultimate undoing.

Will President Barack Hussein Obama go down in history as the worst American president of all time? Or will Jimmy Carter manage to hang on by his fingernails to that unenviable title?

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