Thursday, July 23, 2009

Open Letter to President Obama

I am 67 years old and still working full time as a legal secretary. One of the reasons I continue to work so hard (and working for attorneys is doggone hard work) is to maintain my excellent health coverage.

I have read what is available to the general public of the new reorganization scheme vis-à-vis health care and frankly – it stinks.

One of the most disturbing portions of the plan is that, yes, you claim we can keep our private health insurance coverage and then, throughout this new plan, everything is done to make that untenable. The other area in which I believe great danger lies is the requirement that seniors work with their doctors (not lawyers) to update and discuss their end-of-life planning! What’s up with that – are you slipping euthanasia to us on the down low? If so, I respectfully decline!

Your ambitions far outrun your abilities and those of your majority in Congress who, by the way, don’t seem all that enthused about your health care boondoggle either! Other than Nancy Pelosi (who I consider to be certifiable and somewhat stunted mentally due to over use of botox), I’m not sensing a lot of enthusiasm for your grand imposition of socialized medicine on an unwilling American public. Of the 47 million you claim are uninsured, are you aware that many of them are young people, new to the workforce, who don’t want to pay $100+ per month to cover their one doctor visit per year? How many of the 47 million you are counting are actually in this country illegally (I’m not counting YOU in that number)?

The bottom line, Mr. President, is this: You’ve used up whatever limited political capital you might have possessed with me when you began your administration. Your demeanor since the Inauguration has been arrogant and imperial. Are you aware that you are merely a temporary caretaker and not the new imperial ruler of this nation? Are you aware that you work FOR me, and not the other way around? Are you aware that you are already quite distinguished in the minds of many – who consider you to be the worst president since James Earl Carter, Jr.? Perhaps it would be a good idea if you just spent the next 3+ years studying the U.S. Constitution so you can truthfully say you’re an expert on it. So far you’ve proven to be woefully ignorant, despite your unsubstantiated claim to have been a professor of constitutional law!

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