Monday, July 06, 2009


The alphabet and cable networks are falling all over themselves with endless blathering about the life, death and significance of Michael Jackson. Here's the honest poop - he wasn't THAT great!

His so-called brilliance at dancing was repetitive and derivative. Much of what he did he copied from others - like Jackie Wilson and James Brown. His singing voice was only mediocre. And his personal life was - to put it mildly - an indefensible nightmare!

The irony of all of this is that his nearly-bankrupt estate will now, like that of Elvis before him, triple in value and thus be worth something to his three children - and does anyone believe that any of Jackson's DNA is present in those three children?

So stop the endless wailing and carrying on. He died from his own self-indulgence, just as Elvis did! Neither deserves to be treated as though they were the "greatest" anything at all. As an all around entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. beat them both!

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