Thursday, July 09, 2009


This wildly inappropriate tee shirt was sported by President Obama's daughter Malia while in Rome. Where were her parents? Where were the protocol people?

Clothing of this type (we won't even mention the "from the hood" clothing of her far-too-old male companion) is completely wrong for the daughter of a U.S. President in public. She is, whether she likes it or not, representing us - and we, as a nation, don't like to be dissed! One wonders if Michelle (who has no taste whatsoever) will be foolish enough to wear her trademark sleeveless garb when they have their audience with the Pope, or whether the girls will be in shorts. The Pope's diplomatic aides will make it quite clear to the Obamas that such garb is not permitted!


Sissy Willis said...

I totally agree but am not surprised as the Obamas have shown us time after time in large ways and small that they have no class!

Thank GOD for Papal protocol. When Tuck and I and our traveling pals Cinny and Freddie visited the Vatican on a whirlwind tour of Italy years ago, clueless Sissy wore a sleeveless top and thereby had to wait on the ground floor while my companions enjoyed the totally awesome rooftop tour. Sigh.

Piano Girl said...

I understand the guy who looks like he's from the 'hood is the hairstylist who went with the Obama entourage on the trip. I don't think this administration consults with the protocol people in the State Department or any other Department...soon after the fiasco with the wildly inappropriate gifts to the PM of Britain (DVD's that wouldn't play in Europe & the PM is nearly blind), the WH was asked about the choice of gifts, and said that they (WH) had been too busy to consult with the protocol people.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the shirt? or the age of her male companion? A kid her age would have a tough time dealing with sub-human Italians and their pinching hands.