Friday, July 31, 2009


It is time to be grateful that Nancy Pelosi is the most spectacularly incompetent Speaker of the House we have ever had! It is time to be grateful that she chose the uncivil, uncooperative, truly offensive and ignorant Henry Waxman (I used to live in California. I don't hate him. Only his guts!) to push the awful health care reform bill along. The socialist agenda being pushed by Zero is doomed to failure with Pelosi and Reid shepherding it through Congress. Be enormously grateful!

At the beginning of Zero's term in office, I was hoping he would succeed as president. Now I am hoping that he will succeed in letting Nancy and Henry BE Nancy and Henry, their most authentic selves. In that way, our nation will be protected from their evil and despicable intentions, as well as their poorly thought out attempts at legislating cradle-to-grave socialism for a nation that has thrived and done well under our capitalist government. It's like watching a pair of mentally challenged and somewhat inebriated bears attempting to wrestle each other!

Thank you, God, for providing us with Nancy and Henry to balance the appalling intentions of Zero!

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