Monday, July 27, 2009


My roto-rooter surgery is scheduled for 8/6/09 and Sam the Wonder Cat will be staying at the veterinarian's office since he is diabetic and needs to get insulin daily! The need for this precaution became even more urgent on Saturday night. Sam the Wonder Cat had an insulin-related seizure on Saturday night and I'm exhausted from dealing with it. I shot some maple syrup down his gullet which stopped the seizure but it was hours before he really "came back" to me. He even stopped breathing for a moment at one point - I started petting him really hard when that happened and he started to breathe again. Yesterday we were both absolutely exhausted - but he gets to sleep all day today and I'm at work! And cleaning up the mess he made on the kitchen floor took a lot of energy as well. I'm just grateful my baby is okay!

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