Tuesday, July 07, 2009


At least I hope we haven't. One thing she said in an exclusive interview with the local (Anchorage) Fox News reporter who had the "experience" of going out on a fishing trawler with her is that most politicians have the luxury of facing their critics or the news media and saying "Leave my kids alone!" and she hasn't had that advantage.

I would say that she has taken what can only be described as felony-level battering from the national press corps and the leftwing blogsphere. And I do not want to hear from anyone the moral equivalency bullshit about what was said about Bill Clinton who admitted he was porking a chunky little intern nearly as young as his own daughter in the Oval office whilst on the phone with foreign leaders. It's a well known fact that blood flow can serve only one head at a time! Bill Clinton was blatantly lying to the American people and, worst of all, he was lying to a Grand Jury, which is called perjury and that is a FELONY in every state in the union.

Sarah Palin is an extraordinary woman. Liberals and especially the feminist nutbags hate her guts because she is beautiful, accomplished and tough as they come. If she lets some of the irrational hatemongering to die down a bit and removes herself from the constraints of public office, those who have been piling on the insults and calumny may find that they have really picked on the wrong woman. She served notice through her attorneys that anyone who prints false accusations (such as the one currently bouncing around in the leftwing blogs that she is soon to be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury - a charge that the FBI itself has labeled as absolutely without merit) will find themselves in a courtroom being sued for big bucks. You go Sarah! Sue the bastards! Removing their ill gotten gains from their pockets is the best way to shut them the hell up!


Read more at Wide Awake Cafe where the analysis vis-a-vis Mrs. Palin is brilliant!


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I too have great respect for Sarah Palin. And whether or not she turns out to be our Reagan, I hope she remains active and at the front of the political scene.

I got a kick out of some of these What Would Sarah Do Photoshops. Interesting is that the majority of them are pro-Sarah, and only a few are less than flattering. She is a popular lady.....

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Ms. Coulter throws a positive light on the resignation.......

"she's passing the ball to a fantastic right-wing lieutenant governor, who shares her principles but doesn't set off the left's neuroses. This is better for him, better for the state, better for the conservative program and better for Palin personally, whose family is sick of all the crap. Now she can make a lot of money and promote conservatism on a national stage."