Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The State of Hawaii has made it quite clear that they intend to defend the native-born birth of President Obama, regardless of whether or not facts support their defense. So it's time to drop the subject.

The neverending debate about whether or not Barack Hussein Obama was born on American soil is a distraction. And to the extent that this has been done, the debate has been fueled by President Obama's coy behavior vis-a-vis his birth and other life history records. Why would our President want us to be all exercised about whether or not he is legally holding the office? I think he believes that we are not capable of considering two concepts at a time. That we will become so exercised with the birther movement that he can slip all manner of unwise and unconstitutional or UnAmerican laws and programs past us without our notice.

It would be wise for us all to remember that we are dealing with a CHICAGO politician - I've seen corkscrews more straightforward! All manner of subterfuge and chicanery are the stock in trade of a Chicago politician and Barack Hussein Obama is no different. Let's focus on his anti-American agenda and behavior and keep calling foul whenever one is committed. Let's not let the smoke and mirrors of questions about his birth records keep our attention away from what is really important! I grew up in Ohio - and the twists and turns of Chicago politics were always fascinating to me. Repulsive but fascinating.

The man is an empty, well-tailored suit. He is unfit to serve, not because of the location of his birth but because of the contents - or lack thereof - of his character. He is the original stealth officeholder - a Marxist in liberal clothing whose distaste for and dislike - nay contempt - for America and most of America's citizenry becomes more evident with every passing day. By his works shall we know him. And so far, his works have been destructive and ill conceived, hastily pushed through flimflam that will burden our nation's citizens for generations to come.

So move away from the birth certificate issue. There are more offensive aspects to Mr. Obama than the location of his birth. We have a virulently anti-American president. Let's deal with that. How to contain him. Keep him from wreaking further havoc on the American way of life. Keep this supposed "constitutional scholar" from destroying the U.S. Constitution! We have evil in the White House, folks. Let's concentrate on containing him (via the 2010 elections) and removing him from office (via the 2012 elections) and then, with a Congress filled with intelligent and courageously steadfast elected members, we can undo a lot of the Obama damage! We must use our wisdom (a quality in the American body politic that Mr. Obama has chosen to ignore or denigrate) and our courage to interdict the foul and evil plans Mr. Obama and his sponsors have for our great nation, until such time as we can VOTE this aberrant disgrace out of office.


B....... said...

Sadly I believe you to be correct on this issue. Sadly because I must part from my curmudgeonly blog-sphere mentor, perhaps for the first time. But I am in good company - can’t be to far a field with the Goddess on my side (and you too Gayle). The PCness, Donkeyness, and all-around CYAness will never allow the One to be booted out just because he was born in Kenya – just won’t happen. Next stop 2010 – don’t let your meat loaf (Oops – second martini).......

Gayle Miller said...

He WILL go - but first we need to retake the Congress!

Anonymous said...

The real power is in the congress..


Gayle Miller said...

Absolutely. Zero things he can order things to be done (he thinks he's our emperor) and they will happen. Au contraire my dear Kenyan dumbkof, the Congress can shut you down but good!