Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Maggots and slime and all manner of nasty pests can be found in the woodwork - particularly in the case of the Tiger Woods saga. Suddenly this intensely private man is having his personal business bruited all about the Internet and people who should know better are speculating on what happened over Thanksgiving weekend, even though the Florida State Police have already closed the case.

Here's the deal - I absolutely do not believe in unfaithfulness within a marriage. I think you take vows and that's that! You live up to those vows. Period. However, it is not my place to tell Tiger Woods how to live his life and I sure as hell don't need to have any respect for those cretinous bimbos who are suddenly stepping forward claiming to have had a "relationship" (Gadzooks I am starting to hate that word!) with the finest golfer of his generation. Maybe all they did was say "hello" to him at a business function or maybe they did do the horizontal mambo with Mr. Woods. I don't know and frankly, I don't CARE!

Sit down, go away and shut the hell up you self-promoting clowns! It should purely be a matter between Mr. Woods and his WIFE. Nobody else. Let them work out their marital situation as best they can for the sake of their two little children.


Laura said...

I, too don't cotton to unfaithfulness within the bonds of holy matrimony, but what are we to expect when couples write their own vows and when they've removed the words "and forsaking all others"?

Gayle Miller said...

Even when they vow to be faithful, they aren't!