Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Or full of whatever emanates from one, at least! This ridiculous creature feels perfectly free in labeling a young woman he has never met as a "K Street whore" but is offended when a Florida woman starts a website that opines he is crazy! Whatever happened to freedom of speech, Congressman Grayson? Are you THAT thin-skinned? Are you a bully who can dish it out but cannot take it? Ahhhh - now we're zeroing in on reality with you, you droopy-drawered piss poor excuse for a human being!

You want a woman who is exercising her right of free speech to be jailed for criticizing you. What horse feathers! You are completely fair game Congressman. You are one of 535 members of the House of Representatives who have done precious little good and a whole load of BAD during this current legislative session. You should have your heinie spanked good and proper for your offensive and amateurish behavior during your time in office. I'd be happy to do it were it not that I suspect you'd enjoy it!

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