Tuesday, December 29, 2009


These moronic twits cannot possibly inhabit the same reality enjoyed by thee and me! They just cannot. They look at some demented Jihadist whose only goal in life is killing us because we are free, Christian or American and definitely not THEM and they actually feel sorry for the sons of bitches! Why? Because they started life so disadvantaged.

So what about the latest nutbar who wanted to incinerate an entire planeload of people over a city that already has big problems - Detroit, Michigan! He's a son of wealthy parents and was raised with all the finer things in life, well educated and generally pretty doggone privileged. He isn't some backwoods rube who believes what he believes because of cultural or physical deprivation. He's just freaking NUTS with hatred of our way of life! There's no reasoning with these people, there's no negotiation, there's no "coming together" with them. Their only aim in life is our destruction. Period. And by the way, just so we're clear, Osama Bin Laden, the biggest asshat of them all, is also a son of wealth and privilege!

The reason these people want to kill us is that they are CRAZY and they belong to a so-called religion of peace which is actually all about murder - of us! So let's quit being fatuous idiots and call them what they are - murdering lunatics who can only be stopped by killing them. We start showing these pieces of shit that we mean business and they'll back off right quick. Because at their most basic level, they are cowards - one and all. That's why they make war on the defenseless!

Wake up people. Start PROFILING these bastards and keep them off our planes! And out of our nation. Do we honestly want people living here who rape 2-1/2 year old little girls because her father wouldn't convert to Islam? Canada is giving these people asylum! Read about it here.

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