Monday, December 07, 2009


So here's the deal. I made my first predictions several months ago and, at the time, thought I was waltzing way out on a very shaky limb. Now I think I've pretty much figured it out!
Figure Skating:
Women's Singles: Yu Na Kim, South Korea (also in the mix, Rachael Flatt and Alissa Czizny of the U.S.)
Men's Singles: Yvgeni Plushenko, Russia (Nobunari Oda of Japan and Evan Lysacek of the U.S. also on the podium)
Ice Dancing: United States (either Belbin and Agosto or White and Davis), Canada (Moir and Virtue) or Russia. This is way too close to call!
Pairs: Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao of China - in a sprint away from the others, with Pang and Tong of China and Szalkowy and Savchenko of Germany also figuring in the mix.

Hold me to these predictions kids. Barring injuries, I very much believe that these are about as accurate as any handicapping coming out of Vegas!

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