Wednesday, December 16, 2009


And God bless us, everyone of us! Especially God bless the leftwing loons who are doing all they can possibly do to destroy this beautiful country. They need all the blessings they can get.

God bless Barack and Michelle Obama. Two of the most ill-prepared and incompetent humans ever to occupy the White House, surpassing only James Earl Carter, Jr. in lack of intelligence and class! I believe that the occupant of the Oval Office is a man with deeply seated feelings of displacement and disconnection from normal humans, and an absurdly elevated idea of his own importance and capabilities. Here's the memo, Mr. President. You are just an ordinary human, like the rest of us. You are also NOT our ruler, but rather our SERVANT and EMPLOYEE. I pray that his naive arrogance and her bitter disdain for our nation are both ameliorated by the love of God throughout this blessed season and throughout the coming year 2010. May the Holy Spirit visit their hearts and bring them peace and joy.

God bless Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob or whateverinhell he's called, the randy s.o.b. who has kept her pregnant almost nonstop throughout their marriage. She just gave birth to her 19th child, a little girl who was months premature! What part of "keep your dick holstered you hound" does this man not understand? Yes, God wants us to be fruitful and multiply. But there's fruitful and then there is ridiculous. The Duggars are now in the realm of ridiculous, not to mention life-threatening danger to Michelle. Who, by the way, I find myself disliking - the long hair to her waist and the little girl, breathy voice. I always get the feeling with these endlessly pious Christian women that there is something rotten lurking under the surface. Call me a cynic; you'd be correct.

God bless Tiger Woods and his wife Elin. May their lives return to some semblance of order sometime soon, if only for the sake of those two beautiful little children of theirs. Tiger, my advice to JimBob Duggar applies to you as well. You took vows. Be prepared to keep them. Humble yourself before the woman you have offended so grievously. You may yet salvage your dignity and reputation, if not your marriage.

Left-wing loons of the chattering classes (Garofolo, Olbermann, Joy Behar, Chrissie Matthews) - just shut the hell up already! None of you knows what you're talking about and you display your ignorance so proudly! Does any of you have the ability to self-evaluate and realize that you are embarrassing yourselves? Boneheaded, mean-spirited dopey haters all of you!

I survived numerous health challenges during 2009 and am heading into 2010 with joy in my heart and hopes for the future. I wish the same joy and hope to all of you and will suspend blogging until 2010!

From me and from Sam the Wonder Cat (who has taken to sleeping at the end of the couch, on his back, with all 4 paws sticking straight up - what a beloved dweeb), all love and prayers for the coming Holidays and New Year.

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