Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I was under the impression that our president was an electrifying speaker. So why did his address to the nation vis-a-vis Afghanistan succeed primarily in putting the cadet corps into a coma?

I watched part of the speech and it had the same effect on me. But then again, I'm 67 years old and afflicted with sleep apnea!

What I got from his speech is that (a) it's all President Bush's fault, (b) he's only going to give General McChrystal (President Obama's handpicked general) 75% of what he requested in terms of additional troops, (c) it's all President Bush's fault, and (d) we have a definite withdrawal date (in much the same way that we had a definite close-down date for Gitmo).

My assessment of last night's speech? Blah-blah-blah! Nothing new here; more along!

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Sissy Willis said...

A brilliant analysis. And thank you for watching so I didn't have to. The sound of his voice makes my toes curl into a painful posture that takes days to unwind. I have taken the liberty of twittering a quotation: