Monday, December 28, 2009


There are people out there in the world who seek to reconcile the differences between their theological beliefs and our own by way of murder (of us) and that's not going to change any time soon. Treating these incursions as police matters, instead of the acts of war that they truly are isn't going to do us any good either!

There have been several recent "testings" of airport security and, predictably, most of those threats were met with spineless wimpiness by our corporate and public officials who made quite a point of appeasing these Islamofascist murderous thugs! It was then left to ordinary passengers (on Christmas Day of all days) to show the savage cretins that we don't just genuflect to any radical religious nutbar but rather, prevent them from doing whatever nasty business they are planning to do to us.

The assumption of the Islamist loon crowd is that we are too weak, too cowardly to stand up for ourselves and our nation. That would be a very stupid assumption with which to continue to live what's left of your worthless lives!

I have said before, I have absolute faith in MOST of the American people. I have faith in my own courage; I have faith in the courage of others. We will defend our nation. We will, in fact, fulfill the pledge and vow our public officials took and are now ignoring. We will, in fact, preserve, protect and defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

Can I ask a question? Who decided that profiling is WRONG? I don't happen to believe that!

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