Friday, December 04, 2009


In view of the Flight 297 situation several weeks ago, would you be willing to board an airplane that was also being boarded by a bunch of men who look like they've hit the white sale at Macy's?

Personally I would rather WALK than get on the same plane with these bozos - even one bozo - and I don't walk all that well.

What's your opinion?


CDR J said...

Gayle, I'm not so sure that Muslims will try for an exact repeat of 9/11. First of all, they can't get into the cockpit any more - as I understand it, the cockpit door is armored, and can only be opened from the inside.
Second, people now realize that the old days of the pilot doing whatever he can to get the plane safely on the ground and letting the hostage negotiation team take over, while the passengers sit quietly and do what they are told, are long gone. Passengers and crew realize that if the terrorists take over the plane, they are certainly dead. Therefore, the passengers may as well fight back, even if some of them die in the process. I, for example, would cheerfully sacrifice my beloved laptop to use as a cudgel to beat the SOBs to death.
I'm not saying that there will never be another successful hijacking in the US ever again, but my bet is that there will be several dead terrorists before the hijacking works.

B....... said...

I'd rather die than be thought of as politically incorrect - NOT!