Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am a US Citizen who lives in Mexico and have been living in Mexico for several years. The Mexican immigration laws are much stricter than the U.S. -- and Mexico's immigration laws are vigorously enforced. The U. S. Immigration laws are not. I hope Arizona does cut off the electricity to California if they persist in persecuting a sister-state. California is and always has been a foreign state, much displaced from and antagonistic toward the rest of the United States. They are so far left that they are already in the dark. We might as well help them with their desire to be in the dark and pull the plug on their lights, too.

California's leftist agenda, which they want to impose on the rest of the country, has bankrupted them and they can't pay their electric bills unless they get the feds to steal more of our money and give it to them -- so they can continue their failed, leftist, anti-American agenda.

Anti-American? Isn't that kind of harsh? Arizona is a US State and California is attacking them (and biting the hand that feeds them.) I would call that Anti-American (and stupid.) But, judge for yourself. Lets take a look at what California-leftists want for Arizona. See this eye-opening commentary from Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen regarding SB 1070 (the AZ Immigration law.) Why does California want to impose the lawlessness, crime, murder, drugs, gangs and costs on a sister state that prompted SB 1070?

Why do the President of the United States, his Attorney General and his Secretary of Homeland Security all seem to oppose Arizona and side with foreign invaders who break our laws and threaten the security of our country and the very fabric of our society?

These are serious questions that we all need to remember in November.

[Cheat-link for AG Eric Holder and Sec. Napolitano: One can read the law here. Unlike those who have been most publicly denouncing this law, I have read this law.]

UPDATE FROM GAYLE: I have also read the law. Unlike the blathering lackwits opining at the top of their lungs from the White House and elsewhere!

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