Thursday, May 20, 2010


Buddy and Rusty have come up with some new ways to entertain me; I must admit that some of them are less attractive than others.

For example: Rusty was out on the deck (accidentally I might add) and found a tiny, tiny little field mouse out there. Unknown to me, he brought the poor little critter into the house and proceeded to chase it all around the house until it probably died of exhaustion or terror. Who knew that the sweet critter who falls down in ecstasy when I pet him could be so aggressive? He also has an ongoing fascination with my bedroom closet doors. They are mirrored and at first, that was the attraction - he would sit and admire his lovely self for hours! Now he wants to open them and he's getting way too skillful at this. I love my cats but not in my closet!

Then there is Buddy - Mr. Adventure! He routinely goes to places which are forbidden him - such as the shelves of the china closet, etc. The kitchen counter, sparse as it is, is a special favorite of his and this past Monday he even managed to flip open the dishwasher door which made a loud sound when it came to rest and scared the stuffing out of me and Rusty - we were both sound asleep!

They are both very sociable these days - Buddy more so than Rusty but the Rustafarian kitty is coming along! Rusty has lots of neighborhood friends who come and say hello from the outside of the living room window. If they come into the house, he runs and hides, but he'll hold court from the back of the couch for hours!

They both love being read to and we have spent many happy times while I read a book out loud. I don't think they give a rip WHAT I'm reading - it's a question of being quietly secure on my lap with my voice droning on quietly!

All in all, I am head-over-heels in love with these two characters and am filled with joy that they share my life!

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