Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last year at this time Mr. Biden, I was in your same shoes. Very mild stroke, no aftereffects. Be prepared to change your entire way of life. In the intervening year, I have quit smoking almost entirely (I'm only human), have tried (and mostly failed) to lose weight, have taken a sleep study and now sleep with a CPAP machine which is actually a good thing. You stop snoring, wake up relaxed and refreshed and with fewer aches and pains than in the past. In addition, I had roto rooter jobs on each of the two carotid arteries in my neck (left and right sides). My cognition is much improved and I'm an old broad, my headaches have largely diminished (despite the fact that I work for lawyers) and in most respects, I am feeling fantastic.

You are a young man with a good life ahead of you. Do what your doctor orders and be proactive in managing your own health. Get that cholesterol down, down, down. Take your aspirin. Remember that you have one life and you'd best care for it now, on the ground, rather than finding yourself at age 45, sitting in a wheel chair, unable to speak and incapacitated for the rest of your life.

I will be praying for you Attorney General Beau Biden and will say a rosary or two for your continued and hopefully improving health. A stroke at age 41 says you haven't been living a healthy lifestyle. Cheeseburgers for lunch daily and tons of salt don't cut it. Lemon juice in most foods reduces the need for salt and is very good for you.

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