Thursday, May 27, 2010


The master of his own universe, our esteemed Kenyan wetback in chief, is blathering on about how the Federal government has been directing the cleanup and containment efforts connected to the massive oil spill off the coast of Louisiana - and for the first time actually acknowledged that 11 people died in that explosion.

IF that is true, Mr. President, whyinhell is James Carville, the most divisive, rabid leftwing Democrat I can think of, calling you out in terms unmistakeable, for being largely AWOL throughout this entire process? Why has not one scintilla of information about our Federal government's involvement and direction of BP's cleanup efforts escaped the notoriously loose lips of your administration, why your ratings continued to plunge into the cellar?

Methinks there is a matter of veracity here, Mr. Obama - and the bought-and-paid-for media is not universally carrying your water for you any longer - so the truth MAY well out itself!

FURTHERMORE - why is your freaking vacation more important than honoring the memories of our fallen military on Memorial Day? You are - after all - the damned commander in chief! We have a right to ask you to take a break from your "apologize for America" duties to honor our fallen dead! It's YOUR job, not the job of Plugs Biden.

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