Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On the Wendy Williams show a couple of weeks ago, Johnny Weir managed to make a total ass of himself by labeling Evan Lysacek with a sexist slur. Considering that Evan Lysacek has skated rings around him in their last few meetings, perhaps the young man(?) ought to keep his snarky, bitchy little mouth shut.

I was starting to thaw a bit vis-a-vis Mr. Weir but now he has proven himself to be a nasty little infant, substituting vile verbiage for actual on the ice competitive performance! You have become a snippy little queen, haven't you?! Shame!

True competitors don't say the kinds of things you find it necessary to say, Mr. Weir. They are demeaning to yourself and to your sport. Perhaps it would be a good thing if you'd just shut up and go away and pursue your swishy little projects out of my sight and hearing! First of all, nobody cares. Second, all that you've said smacks of poor loser whining and who wants or needs to hear that crap? Seriously, Johnny. Shut the hell up!

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