Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ever since that murderous lout George Huguely was arrested and charged in the murder of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love at UVA, lazy editorial writers have hearkened back to another case which had only one thing in common with this tragic criminal act at UVA - the game of lacrosse. In all other respects, there is absolutely no parallel that can or should be drawn with the wrongful prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse players for an event that did not happen and in which the three indicted players were adjudged absolutely innocent by the North Carolina Attorney General. How then, do these lazy (or otherwise motivated) s0-called news writers (hacks is more like it) have the effrontery to continue to draw comparisons where none can or should be drawn?

Suggestions have even been made that UVA should shut down entirely its entire lacrosse program on the basis that ONE member of that men's team behaved in a criminal and murderous fashion. Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Fact: The charges against the Duke lacrosse players were entirely fictional and were pursued by an out of control prosecutor for his own ends in contravention of good legal practice and the laws of the state of North Carolina. The players were absolutely innocent and their only sin was attending a team party at which they each had a beer! Big whup. I did far worse in college back in the late 50s and anyone who is honest would admit the same. Luckily, my bad behavior had consequences only for me.

One male lacrosse player killed his former girlfriend - a female lacrosse player - and while that is a tragedy, particularly for that lovely young woman's family, friends and teammates - it doesn't rise to the level of indicting lacrosse players nationwide or even at UVA. From the start, it appeared to me that George Huguely was a violent abuser whose behavior should have been addressed before it escalated to the point that it caused the death of a lovely young woman. But to condemn the rest of his teammates because of his actions is both wrong AND un-American.

The news writers and editorial writers who are drawing conclusions based on their perceived and utterly erroneous connections between Duke and UVA are lazy idiots!

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