Friday, May 21, 2010


I am completely aware that Democrats are fully in favor of amnesty for those illegals who have insinuated themselves into the fabric of our Republic. The simple fact is, "we the people" don't need or want them here and the only reason the Democrats want them here is for the purpose of gaining Hispanic voters!

For the most part, what do these invaders of our sovereign nation bring to the table? Ignorance and substandard educational backgrounds? Criminal history? Unwillingness or inability to learn our customs and languages sufficient to blend in with our "melting pot" society. Not on your life, dear friends. They wish to recreate their own failed society within our borders on our dime! They want us to learn THEIR language, cater to THEIR societal mores and accept the fact that - even though they began their residence in our nation by breaking Federal laws, we are just supposed to smile and say - "So what!" That is - to put it bluntly - pure bullshit. I am an American; not a hyphenated American, just an American!

If someone breaks into my house, and then demands that I cook for them, provide them with transportation and ample comforts for them AND their extended family, I have every right to have them arrested and jailed for their actions. And incidentally, that is what would happen to us if we invaded Mexican homes or Mexican territory.

Felipe Calderon, that arrogant son-of-a-bitch President of Mexico had the unmitigated gall to stand in front of OUR Congress and lecture our nation on how we are supposed to treat the people who are invading our nation across the border between our two countries. And our so-called president - the moronic dimwit who bows and scrapes for every tinpot dictator worldwide but has no respect for our history, our laws and our Constitution - stood there and listened to him do it, while giving every appearance of agreeing with him!

Mr. Calderon - get your skinny ass back to Mexico City and then stay there! We don't want you or your countrymen invading OUR SOVEREIGN NATION and screwing up our economy and our educational and social systems. Americans are the most generous and warm-hearted people on the planet and our record of annually welcoming huge numbers of LEGAL immigrants to our shores is without equal. It's the uninvited hordes streaming across our border that need to stop! They threaten our security because who knows what person inimical to our safety and security as a nation may be sneaking across the border with them? They threaten the infrastructure and its stability, overburdening the schools and hospitals and causing increased costs for education and social welfare programs.

The bottom line is that these illegal invaders are not welcome. It's time to go home. It's also time to remind our president that his un-American posturing is not admired by the majority of Americans. Let's remind him at the ballot box!

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