Tuesday, May 25, 2010


According to Glenn Beck's theatrical hysteria, we're doomed, doomed, do you hear him, doomed as a nation. I don't buy that extreme silliness. Yes, indeed, the election of Barack Hussein Obama and his subsequent administration constitutes a major blip on the radar of our nation, but I have absolute faith in the American people and truly believe that we will self-correct this unfathomable, last gasp swing to the Left. This too, friends, shall pass away and it cannot happen soon enough for me.

November is coming. We must, must, must elect people to office who have the unyielding integrity that has not been seen in many years in Washington, D.C. We must have a Congress that is not in thrall to the labor unions, a Congress that does not approve of a president that bows to foreign despots and who calls the dimbulb on his stupidity.

Meanwhile, while Dick Morris is probably correct and the Sestak job offer is a fully impeachable offense, don't do it, guys. That would leave us with Plugs Biden and the major crap sandwich that he would deliver! More than anything, what we need to accomplish is to raise our voices high enough to drown out the self-indulgent whining of the Left in perpetuity!

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