Thursday, February 24, 2011


Driving from Fredericksburg to D.C. this morning we encountered some seriously bad traffic. Perhaps it wasn't the worst we've ever tolerated (barely) but it was up in the top 10. Which gave me a chance to reflect on the various vehicles on the road around me. And the one car that I saw that I consider an absolute tragedy waiting to happen is the so-called Smart Car.

First of all, it's ugly - a box on roller skates.

Second, it's dangerous. There is no engine compartment to protect the drive and no back seat or trunk to protect the passenger compartment either.

Third, it is driven by hubris ridden, self-righteous twits who are enormously self-congratulatory about their ecologically sound purchase and quite willing to endanger their own lives and the lives of others to celebrate their stupid purchase!

Fourth, why would anyone sane drive a vehicle that costs $11,990 to $16,990 that has no ability to transport more than 2 people and maybe, maybe 2 bags of groceries!? I mean really. Talk about LESS bang for your buck?

Drive a Smart Car? I don't think so.


dmurray said...

Well done! You have defined the term "crashworthy" as it applies to vehicles. I know someone who bought a Hummer H1 for his wife to ferry his children around with this logic: Fuel is always costly, maintenance the same, longevity 2 minivans equal one H1, crashworthiness off the chart especially with the inattentive drivers in their neighborhood driving without licenses, insurance or criminal consequence.
He gets peace of mind having defended in this way his wife and progeny.

CDR J said...

I tell people that I would like to drive an M1 tank to work. Yeah, it only gets 0.6 miles per gallon. But nobody - I mean NOBODY - would get in my way (I would just go over them if necessary). And, I would fear no other vehicle on the road crashing into me.