Monday, February 21, 2011


My dear friend Sandy, whose breast cancer has been in remission for some little while, sent this email over the weekend:
The good news is that I have now lost 80 pounds !!!!! YEAH!!!!!! The bad news is Cancer has returned and is in my left breast this time. I have had the biopsies done at OHSU and will go there on Wednesday for an MRI and a PET Scan on Wednesday and then a consult with the doctor on Thursday to create the plan. The ugly would be if it has traveled farther than my left breast and lymph nodes. I believe in the power of prayer and I am using it every day. I know God knows the plan, and I will be strong enough emotionally to handle whatever it is.
Have a great Sunday. The sun is Shining and it is a beautiful day.
Love, Sandy

Stiff upper lip is definitely her style. Needing prayers for her is mine. She's a good lady and a retired teacher who has never done a bad thing to anyone, ever. Please pray for her return to health.

Thank you.

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