Thursday, February 03, 2011


So let me get this straight . . . Charlie Sheen goes on yet another cocaine-fueled rampage, accompanied by five porn stars and he is being permitted to participate in a rehab program that is taking place in his own home – for privacy reasons? Is there nobody in Charlie Sheen’s life that is willing to tell him “No”! And lock him up long enough to save his life? This man is doing everything in his power to kill himself and people are not really making a sincere effort to stop him, but rather to get him minimally functional again so that he can continue to make money for CBS? Or will they collect their insurance monies when Mr. Sheen’s heart explodes from an overdose of cocaine?

I used to live in Los Angeles. And yes, the town is as cynical and souless as one would expect. Charlie Sheen is a talented man and a pathetic human being. Anyone care to make bets on how much longer he will live at the rate he is going? I give him 9 months at the outside!

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Trochilus said...

Gayle, I think Charlie Sheen has the exact same problem that Lindsay Lohan has.

They both seem to have concluded that their constant craving for attention is somehow like a sit-com. They can keep doing whatever they please, and that there will be no real consequences . . . it's just a role that they'll have to play every once in a while, while the cameras roll.

Americans love a story of redemption, but these two have somehow been enabled into believing that there is no end to that tale.

By the way, Gayle, I don't exclusively blame Lindsay Lohan's parents for her, just as I don't exclusively blame Charlie Sheen's parents for him. At some point, we all make the choices that seal our fates, and she has long passed the point at which she can legitimately lay her problems on others!