Thursday, February 24, 2011


Once again another straw poll has shown that Republican voters are willing to consider Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012, side-by-side with Huckabee and the luminescent Sarah Palin!

Shall we get real folks? Mitt Romney is a non-starter in the eyes of anyone who has ever seriously read a newspaper, even one as feckless and unreliable as the New York "Slimes". This is the man who was governor of Massachusetts and signed into law the precurser to Obamacare for goodness sakes. This is also the candidate Zippy Obama would most like to run against! Romney has the personality of a dead carp! Mike Huckabee is probably a perfectly nice man but he doesn't exude the mental capacity and agility to mount a successful campaign against the well-funded Obama machine. Sarah Palin is likely the only one of those three so-called "front runners" who has a chance in hell and then only if she has a really good running mate. Herman Cain and Col. Allen West both come to mind!

As the Middle East continues to implode it becomes more and more important that we find a cure for our national ailment - Barack Hussein Obama, his hypocritical spouse, and his dumber-than-dirt Vice President, along with the entire Cabinet, particularly Eric Holder - probably the absolute WORST Attorney General in U.S. history!

The President tells Eric Holder that he doesn't need to defend a law passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress? What kind of shit is that!

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