Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Has there ever been a more embarrassing Vice President of the United States? The answer is yes - Albert Gore, Jr. was more embarrassing but Bill Clinton's antics tended to overshadow the lunacy being spouted by Tipper's soon-to-be-ex-spouse!

Now that V.P. Biden is pushing high speed rail transportation for the nation, to the tune of $58 billion (apparently the message of November 2010 hasn't penetrated yet - STOP THE FREAKING SPENDING) he has finally seemed to find his agenda. Too bad it took him so long to come up with such a clunker!

As someone who is potentially dependent on rail transit to go to and from work daily, let me be clear about this Mr. Vice President - HELL TO THE NO!

The rail transit is dependent on sharing the tracks into D.C. and home again with CSX who are also responsible for maintaining those tracks. I rest my case against CSX with one sentence - two derailments in a period of 6 months! All rail traffic halted for 3 days.

When they aren't derailing their silly selves, they are interfering in myriad ways with the on time performance of VRE (who aren't innocent bystanders by any means since maintaining the equipment is their responsibility and they do a piss poor job of it) with signal problems and the like. Then there's Keolis who are the new operators of the VRE system. They are new to the franchise and seem to be trying their best, but the elderly equipment and infrastructure is limiting their ability to promise and deliver on time performance.

The net result of all of this is that I make a 51 mile drive every morning and every evening to insure that I get to work on time. I leave my home at 6:55 a.m. and generally return home about 7:30 p.m.

So no, Mr. Vice President. You've coughed up a dumb idea in the extreme. And with only 2 years left to inflict stuff on us, you and your #1 - The Lightbringer - need to stand down, shut up and quit tinkering!

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Essay said...

This high speed rail boondoggle has got to be the most utterly worthless and absurdly expensive idea pitched by the government in my lifetime. Which makes it perfect for Joe Biden, seeing as he's the most stupid VP to hold office in my lifetime.