Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Already Republicans are hearing advice from the cognoscenti and the mandarins of the New York Times - a newspaper so irrelevant that it's even ticking off its own liberal base (when the NYT has ticked off Whoopi Goldberg you know they're in trouble!) - as to the proper candidates to oppose their beloved darling, the current sitting (if not legitimate) president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

The left-leaning liberal establishment very much supports the likes of Mitt Romney - who always looks to me as though he's trying to destroy the ozone layer with excess hair spray, is burdened with the stiffest most turgid body language and comes to you courtesy of the Massachusetts health care law debacle, wearing it as if it were a leper's bell around his neck.

What Republicans need to get through their thick skulls is that any Republican recommended by the NYT is a candidate to be run from at a velocity surpassing that of sound or light!

I'm looking at possibilities. I'm seeing (contrary to the b.s. being promulgated by the NYT writers) a wealth of possibilities. There's of course my #1 choice, Sarah Heath Palin with a running mate of say Rep. Allen West. That ticket has so much to recommend it that I don't even know where to begin. What conservatives and Republicans must not do is fight amongst themselves in any prolonged and destructive war, nor should they even begin to consider the losers of past primary battles, nor should we consider "conventional wisdom" which is neither wise nor conventional. We need to think outside the box and we need to mount our campaign using strong, principled, intelligent and forward thinking.

Our nation is now and will continue to be under attack from within (the liberal left wingnut faction of the Democratic Party - which, while not especially large is particularly noisy) and from without - the Islamofascist cretins! We need serious and strong leadership that possesses a spine, a heart and a intelligent courage. We don't have it now, we need to get our hands on some ASAP!

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