Monday, June 30, 2008


LOW (so far)!

Over the weekend, a group of despicable leftwing (and some conservative, I’m sorry to say) critics have accused Senator John McCain of war crimes for bombing targets in Hanoi in the 1960s. It was WAR you morons – dropping bombs is what fighter pilots DO for heaven’s sakes! But of course, any time anyone military performs the duty for which he has been trained and educated, that is despicable behavior according to those pantywaist morons at Daily Kos and other sites!

Senator McCain has been accused of "disloyalty" during his captivity in Vietnam for his coerced participation in propaganda films and interviews after he’d been tortured. Is this news to someone? Senator McCain has never made a secret of the fact that, after extensive and unimaginable torture he reached his breaking point. Most of Senator McCain’s leftist critics would trumpet all manner of untruths and disloyalties (enthusiastically) after one splinter was inserted under one pinkie fingernail! Hell, the THREAT would cause them to moisten their BVDs, let alone perform in propaganda films.

I do not blame ALL liberals for this calumny. More, I blame Jay Rockefeller, Wesley Clark, and all the other gutless wonders on the Left who hate the military that keeps them free to speak despicable calumnies against a man who, while I may not be overjoyed with his conservative credentials, still is a man to be absolutely respected and admired for his service to our nation. Wesley Clark should know better, but of course, he is driven by cowardice, envy, ambition and greed on his best day! General Clark is the Left’s poster boy for military sedition and in my opinion entirely too stupid to realize that he is being used for un-American purposes.

If any part of this election is about the ability to understand and support our military while they protect us from barbaric lunatics, nobody with double digit IQ scores would support Barack Hussein Obama, a man with no experience, no qualifications and no competence in this (or any other) area.

If you can only speak sedition and disloyalty to this nation that protects your right to be an asshole or you feel the burning need to impugn the character of a man whose shoes you aren't fit to touch, keep your freaking mouths SHUT dammit! And yes, this has really ticked me off!

UPDATE: The exceptional Mary Katherine Hamm has this to say, today: [re: McCain's response] Not nearly barbed enough for my liking. Don't play the "he's distracting you with unnecessary attacks" game. Go all out, John! This calls for the righteous indignance you normally reserve for conservatives!

NOTE TO SENATOR McCAIN: Don't make the mistakes made by Bob Dole against the Clintons. Being a gentleman is nice at a tea dance or when courting a woman as spectacular as your wife Cindy. Up against a snake like Senator Obama - full bore boogie, son!


Laura Lee Donoho said...

Great post Gayle. Seeing the dedication, sacrifice and love of country that goes along with military service all my life, it really pissed me off that Wesley Clark, a Clintonian appointee general, perfumed prince would dare to attack the honorable service and sacrifice of Senator John McCain. Clark seems to be a kindred spirit of Reinhardt Heydrich, the principal planner of the Final Solution. It's really unbelievable that a man who was educated at the best military academy in the world could become such a contemptible liar but it does happen. Yesterday I went on McCain's website for the first time and contributed to his campaign. I am now supporting him all the way. Whether or not I agree with all of his domestic policies, he is a man of honor, was right about his support of the war and the surge and he deserves our vote.

Pam said...

I recall a friend saying something quite true: I'm voting Republican because I'd look shitty in a burka.

Guess who? :-)

Gayle Miller said...

Very good Pam!

pianogirl said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to co-opt Pam's quote! Thanks for a great comeback to my lib friends when they ask why I'm voting Republican in November!

Anonymous said...

That's great!


I know its a bit wordy for a bumper sticker, but it still might be worth it for them to get close enough to nearly backend you!