Thursday, February 04, 2010


Our thin-skinned president, who doesn't believe that anything he does warrants criticism of any kind was a neophyte member of the U.S. Senate during the time that the Democrat-controlled Senate did its level best to block most, if not all, of President George W. Bush's initiatives to fight the war on terror (that's what it is - deal with it) and keep our nation safe. He was certainly around to hear his pals in the Democratic Party's leftwing take daily opportunities to bash (inaccurately and unfairly) every utterance and every action taken by that great and good man, George W. Bush.

And now he is offended when the daily gaffes committed by his Vice President and other Cabinet members are pointed out? What kind of dimwit is in the Oval Office?

Barack Hussein Obama has been occupying the office of the Presidency since 1/20/09 and so, unless he was in a fugue state, he has witnessed his own left wing pals - the Cadaver from Nevader and the Botox Queen - literally LOCK Republicans out of the room in which the potential health care reform bills were being discussed. This is not a matter for debate, it is a matter of FACT that Republicans weren't even permitted into the room while these discussions took place. They were shut out of the secret White House meetings as well. And now our president has the brass balls to criticize Republicans for being obstructionist?!

Mr. President, I say this with all the kindest intentions in the world - what the FUCK (to use your pal Rahm's favorite word) is wrong with YOU? Are you stupid, inanimate or just a blinded idealogue? Or - and here's a thought - are you just full of shit!?

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