Tuesday, February 23, 2010


And once again - it's the Russians (to the surprise of absolutely nobody). Domnina and Shabolin came in third. I was quite pleased by this outcome since I am convinced that they have always been overrated and received extra credit simply for being Russians. Shabolin said they skated their absolute best and "only came in third" (I'm sure Belbin and Agosto would be delighted to relieve you of your bronze medal since you value it so lightly) You ignorant whelps - you are only good enough to win third! Virtue and Moir skated incandescently and what they were doing was - contrary to the sour grapes of the 5th place Italians - exquisite dancing with technical excellence!

These whining little babies don't seem to understand that those honors are not theirs by divine right. You have to EARN the damned things.

And on the plus side, the very gracious losers - Davis and White and Belbin and Agosto - were fulsome in their praise of Virtue and Moir. Now that's what sport is all about!

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