Monday, February 22, 2010


"We the People" have spoken and continue to speak - telling this incompetent boob that we don't want his freaking Health Care boondoggle. He continues to try to push it down our throats, apparently in the arrogant belief that he knows more about what is good for us than do We the People.

Less than 10% of Americans are without health insurance coverage (I'm not including the illegals because they get treated free at hospitals and that's only because we are a benevolent bunch of idiots in this country - and anyway - they ought to go back from whence they came!). Most of those people don't have it because they don't want it. Reform should not consist of shoving health coverage down the throats of those who are unwilling to be covered. That isn't the American way!

You want to reform health care? How about tort reform? How about making it absolutely illegal to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions? How about encouraging competition by allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines? These are real and effective reforms and they don't involve saddling the American electorate (remember us - we VOTE?) with a bunch of crappy health care reform that WE DON'T WANT and WE DON'T NEED!

I suggest that should you continue to screw with us in this fashion, Mr. President, we will teach you a lesson you'll never forget, come Election Day 2010!

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