Monday, February 01, 2010


First of all, whyinhell has Scott Brown not been seated in the Senate? It has been 13 damned days! How slow and antediluvian is the Massachusetts Secretary of State? Or are these shenaningans!?

Second, I am hoping and praying that Scott Brown, (R-Molasses) isn't losing touch with his inner regular guyness! I am hoping that he isn't allowing such things as interviews with Barbara Walters (who fawns unbearably over everyone she interviews) affect his psychological balance. Is he letting this sudden attention go to his head? If he has, he'd best knock it off!

Third, the Republicans have a huge opportunity in 2010 to change the slope of the playing field pretty defnitively. I hope they aren't going to blow the opportunity by behaving as though they are Dems-lite! That's their usual nonsensical behavior. We are different, kids. Let's act like it! They are selling our nation down the river! Don't let them do it. Let's display some courage for once!

If we do what we can do (and have done) in prior elections such as 1994, we can begin the process of marginalizing the leftwing faction of the Democratic Party and making such as Nancy Pelosi (the uncrowned self-titled "queen of the world") behave with due respect for the people who are her employers! All of us who pay her salary. Let's slap her back into the minor leagues where once again she will have the opportunity to exercise her lack of leadership to the least of her ability.

Good things are coming and I have no fears about Iran on 2/11/10 - it's just the usual bloviating posturing that comes from Ahmadinejad's nauseating yap!

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