Monday, February 01, 2010


According to multiple sources, Governor Palin has endorsed Rand Paul in his primary race for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky.
There was once a mantra in the Republican Party that seems to have evaporated somewhere in my middle years: He may be an s.o.b. but he's OUR s.o.b.! or words to that effect. And members of the Republican Party did not choose sides during primary battles. It's too divisive.

Another meme that seems to be circulating is that the Republicans are now being called the Party of "No" which is demonstrable bullshit! The Dems are attempting to sell this twaddle and anybody with a functioning brain cell knows it for what it is - absolute nonsense. The Republican Party members in the House and the Senate were absolutely locked out of all health care and other legislative negotiations and discussions, literally locked out of the rooms in which these discussions took place. Suggested amendments to bad law being considered were summarily rejected.

In other words, the Republicans had no part in this disastrous nonsense being promulgated by Herr Obama and his cronies in the Congress. The posting of the 2000 page bill on the Internet similarly never took place or took place on a timeline that was not conducive to citizen review.

And suddenly history is being rewritten so that a party that was outnumbered 60-40 is somehow responsible for the egregiously bad health care reform bill being defeated? Horse puckey! The truth of the matter is that most Americans wanted no part of this boondoggle and we made our wishes clear - NY 23rd, Virginia governorship, New Jersey governorship, Massachusetts Senate race - unequivocally!

Here's the deal Dems. Quit trying to bullshit the American public. I would have thought that the tea party movement might have brought to your attention that we aren't buying your crap any longer. Apparently you need to be given a "time out" like all naughty and misbehaving children. Time out of office can and will be arranged!

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